Payment Method

Plemix currently offers the following payment methods : 

1. Paypal Credit Card Payment

Plemix will accept PayPal (Credit Card: Visa, Master, American Express) from the following locations:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Dominica, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Martinique, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela. 

2. Bank Wire Transfer Payment Procedure

Plemix welcome bank wire transfer payment directly to our banking institution. The detail procedure is available during your shopping checkout. Buyer should always reference their order # on their wire transfer. Transfer without a reference order number might result in delaying your order processing.

3. Postal Money Order Payment

At this moment, plemix only accept postal money order. Postal money order is a money order purchased directly from your local post office. If you are not sure whether the type of money order you used is acceptable by plemix, you can always confirm it by sending us an email. This payment option is available for you to choose during your checkout process. Buyer must print and send a copy of the order summary along with their money order. 

Customer should be aware that plemix reserves the right to denial any Paypal payment. At the same time, plemix might request additional to verify Paypal credit card payment. Additional information includes driver license, valid passport, credit card billing statement, utility statement, and bank statement .